exercises due: calendar week 7 (first lesson of the week)

Edis, you have to remind me to check the homework. If you don't remind me, I'll think of some evil task you have to do ...

class tests:

social studies: 9.5.2022

economics: 4.7.2022


  1. Remember the German legislative process from last year? ;) Yes, you've guessed it.... Compare the legislative process of the EU with the German legislative process (e.g. institutions and their tasks/rights, the process itself, ... --> so what are similarities/differences)
  2. Explain briefly what the difference is between regulations and directives and give an example for each to illustrate the difference.
  3. In addition to the three institutions that play a role in the legislative process of the EU (Commission, Parliament, Council of the EU), there are two more institutions: The European Council and the European Court of Justice. Do a quick research on those five institutions and note down the most important pieces of information. You don't have to know every detail but you need to know IN GENERAL what they are and what their main function(s) is/are in the EU.


There is no assignment in Teams because I hope that we can actually talk about those tasks IN SCHOOL again.