exercises due: calendar week 46 (Wednesday). As I'm old and forget things, it's Christian's job to remind me to check the homework. If you fail to remind me, you'll have to sing karaoke (or so.) :D Evil? Yes. That's my middle name.


German Welfare State

  1. The German welfare system is based on three principles:
    1. The principle of compulsory insurance
    2. The principle of financing through contributions
    3. The principle of solidarity

Do a research on these three principles and write a short but meaningful definition of each (in English. Because it's a bilingual course...). 


2. Click HERE and choose one of the two cartoons and interprete it. The password is the name of the city of our "Studienfahrt"(eventhough we aren't going :((( ). (Read "how to interprete a cartoon" in the section "Arbeitstechniken" first!)


3. Watch the explainity video about the German welfare system below (good background knowledge). (voluntarily)