We will have three "blocks" this year: In the first block we'll do economics, then we'll have a longer social studies block and then again a block of economics at the end of the school year.


Topics this year:

  • Economy (economic systems, competition, entrepreneurship, etc.)
  • Social Welfare State
  • Migration
  • Human Rights and Security and Peace
  • European Union


  • folder (because of worksheets), DinA 4
  • grid paper or ruled paper (your choice) with margin
  • no folder for class tests needed

Grade economics:
written grade+ oral grade                                                                   50% :     50%
written grade: 
        1 class tests (first block):                                                           25%

        1 class test (second block):                                                       25%


Grade social studies:

written grade+ oral grade                                                                   50% :     50%
written grade:

        1 class test (end of social studies block)                               25%
        2 written responses to a political topic of your choice.        25% (10% + 15%)


oral grade (both subjects):
        qualitative performance                       
        quantitative performance                       
        working attitude and performance (individual work,
        pair work, group work, presentations...)



You are going to get exercises every second week. (see "Two-Week-Exercise xy") Let me stress again: They play a role for your oral grade.


Office Hours:

By appointment. Just contact me via the contact button.



Possible of course. There won't be a list of topics, so if you are interested in doing a GFS in social studies, come to me as early as possible with a suggestion for a topic. However, five GFS as a maximum are possible. First come, first serve.