Class test 26.10.2022- here is what you'll need to know

Revision grade 9


- supply and demand

- homo oeconomicus

- needs, wants,...

economic systems


- traditional economic system

- planned economic system

- free market economic system

- mixed economic systems (e.g. "social market economy")


You'll also have to be able to compare the role of the different "players" (state, companies, private housholds) in those systems.

market economic system


- competition as the driving force

- GDP and alternatives (homework)

- trade cycle

- possibilities of the state to act in a situation of economic crisis (boosting demand vs. boosting supply)

General hint:


Take a look at the "Arbeitstechniken" again. Especially how to analyze statistics and how to work with a text. And make sure you know about criteria. You'll have to evaluate something....