Here is what you have to know.


Human Rights

  • characteristics (universality, etc.)
  • Dilemma situations and discussion



  • Beginning of the EU (Schuman declaration, Montan-Union,....)
  • European identity
  • EU in our daily lives
  • European army



  • Grundlagen, Prinzipien und Ziele
  • Armut(sdefinitionen, Maßnahmen gegen Armut, etc.)
  • Grundsicherung/Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen

Pieces Of Advice

  • make sure you know how to extract information from a text.
  • make sure you know how to analyse and interprete a cartoon.
  • make sure you have a copy of the "Operatorenkatalog" with you. Otherwhiles you might not know how to solve the tasks.

If you need to freshen you memory on any of the above, go and visit the section "Arbeitstechniken"!

And of course you have to be able to use criteria!